The Lessons of Jane Austen

I came down with the stomach flu this past weekend. Correction, first I went camping, drank my weight in Sonic™ Cherry Limeade and THEN I got the stomach flu. In retrospect, may not have been the flu but it’s sort of a moot point. Cherry Limeades = worth it.

Due to falling asleep at 7PM, I woke up at 7:30 the next morning. I’d quarantined myself to the apartment and so, there I sat (read: camped on in my PJs curled up in bed) staring down a vast stretch of time with which to entertain myself.

I did what any rational person would do: I watched Pride and Prejudice and I read Persuasion.

It’s safe to say that I was having myself “a moment” and loving every minute of it. I watched. I read. I swooned a little. And then I wondered when the eff I could expect Mr. Darcy to come marching across the moor.


New York doesn’t have moors.

I’ll readily concede that there is a fair bit of fantasy involved in Austen novels. For one thing, I highly doubt that a man will ever tell me that I’ve bewitched him “body and soul” as the sun rises in the background. For another, it’s unlikely that the man I love will serve to rescue me from my current circumstances. Yet it remains my firm belief that when it comes to human condition — the heartbreak of relationships that go unresolved or affections left unrequited — Ms. Austen has us pegged. Our generation isn’t the first to wrestle with the challenges of using our words or confronting unmet expectations.

Which brings us to today’s post.

Ladies, I want to know: what are the grand lessons you’ve garnered from the works of Jane Austen? I do recognize that in asking the question, this may go down as the girliest post* we’ve ever run on IKDH. But if two Limeades in as many days serves as any indication, restraint isn’t my forte.

*Fellas, sorry I’m not sorry.



Sarah is a co-founder and editor of I Kissed Dating Hello™. She has a deep affection for sweatpants, Pringles and movies with predictable plot lines. She is not opposed to long walks on the beach.