Chanel’s Not-So-Secret Secret

I’ve been trying to figure out for some time now how to share the news with you all. Should it be a video post? Is now the time to develop an e-newsletter? Is this the type of thing one tweets…perhaps with a special hashtag? I mean, how exactly does one make a confession of this sort to a group of strangers-turned-friends in an online community? There’s no Emily Post to dictate etiquette in this situation.

So I thought about it…and then weeks went by…

Then Sarah and I debated over the course of a few Gchat conversations about the how and when of coming clean…and then months went by…

And soon it was old news to us and frankly, I forgot some people didn’t know so my news became a not-so-secret secret, kept hidden out of sheer laziness and fear of seeming overly self-involved.

So while this may hardly be news to most of you, I felt it necessary to clarify one particular point for all of you that have asked (due to my “exposure” on a sister website).

Honey would like to be called Hubby. It’s official: I’m engaged.



Chanel is a co-founder and editor of I Kissed Dating Hello™. She loves J.D. Salinger, cinnamon dolce lattes and singing when no one's listening.