Running Headfirst into Yes

Engagement stories can be fairly dramatic. My college roommate’s proposal was the culmination of a scavenger hunt across southern California that involved a video camera and the plotting and planning of an entire group of friends. A woman in my church recently said yes to her now-fiancé after he flew across the globe to meet her in a third world country, while she was on a mission’s trip. Engagements can require months of planning, down payments on diamonds, and renewals for passports.

But my engagement was nothing of the sort. There was no fanfare; no hoopla—in the moment we didn’t even have a ring. But it was absolutely magical. It was just the two of us, at two A.M., grappling with a question that would change the trajectory of our lives and feeling no hesitation to run headfirst into YES.

I wish I could put into words what I felt that night when Honey proposed but the emotions are so intense and so unlike anything else that synonyms fail. The best I can manage is to say it felt like if I don’t find a bathroom in 2.3 seconds I’m going to pee my pants mixed with oh my goodness, did that homeless guy in the bedazzled vest just do a triple axel mid-stride and then keep on walking? In other words, it was like panic and WTF all rolled into one. That…and bunnies. Everything felt furry and the moment smelled like Betty Crocker’s blueberry muffins baking. It was buttery.

Maybe I suck as a girl but I’m not much looking forward to wedding planning. I’m still stuck on that moment when some guy looked into my eyes and said he was signing up to spend the rest of his life with me. Like he was so into what I was selling that he was leaving a down payment now so he could buy the shop later and have it for the rest of his life. That’s pretty frigging fantastic if you ask me.

So we don’t yet have a date, but screw the wedding. The biggest day of my life has already happened. Like April Wenchell wrote over at, “I think a much happier day is the day someone tells you they love you enough to put up with your crap for the rest of their life. And if you’re as big a pain in the ass as I am, the wonder of that moment will never be surpassed.”



Chanel is a co-founder and editor of I Kissed Dating Hello™. She loves J.D. Salinger, cinnamon dolce lattes and singing when no one's listening.