The Other Side of Yes

When Coco told us she was engaged, we were huddled around a small table in the snobbiest of coffee shops. If I mentioned the name to anyone in Brooklyn, they would nod and say “Oh yes. They DO take their coffee a bit seriously, don’t they?” Anyway, so that’s where we were–huddled.

When she told us, when the words spilled from her mouth “So, Honey asked me to marry him and I said yes,” her hands flew up by her face. Like she couldn’t believe it was true.

We shouted and the whole room fell silent.

In that same moment, Hilary and I started crying. I think I wiped my face on my coat; it was the only thing I had available.

Everyone with their serious coffee and seriously cool sunglasses, looked our way. Chanel raised her hands and said “It’s ok. I’m engaged.” They in turn, went back to ignoring us. Marriage isn’t cool, apparently. Except this marriage is so, so cool and we are so, so excited.



Sarah is a co-founder and editor of I Kissed Dating Hello™. She has a deep affection for sweatpants, Pringles and movies with predictable plot lines. She is not opposed to long walks on the beach.